Short PJs – Poor Jokes

If you are a girl named Khushi and you cry,
people won’t take it seriously… Why?


because that would be ‘Khushi ke aansoo’!!

I love it when my Sony smartphone hangs and gives me Problems


“Sony de Nakhre sohne lagde menu”

Cricket team k jab sab player out ho jate hain,
to sab machaar bhaag jate hain, batao kyun??


KYUKI team “AllOut” hain naa. LOL

One day Om Puri came late for the shooting
Cast and crew said…


Omelette aaya!! 😀

Om Puri was kidnapped by Taliban..
Govt launched a mission to save him .
Bolo uss mission kaa naam kya hoga??


Answer: Sev Puri!

If Sridevi is running a shop,
I wonder whether she would say
“Abhi Boney ka time hai…”
Saanp Ne Piya Bakri Ka Khoon…

Waah! Waah!

Saanp Ne Piya Bakri Ka Khoon …

Good Afternoon!
Good Afternoon!
Good Afternoon!

Na train mein, na phoolo mein
na rasoi mein na rain mein
dard milta hai to
tere diye hue pain mein…!
Ladki: Yeh kya kar rahe ho?

Ladka: Dahi Jama raha hoon…

Ladki: Kab tak jamaoge?

Agar tum mil jaao..
Jamana chhod denge hum!! 😀

Aapko pataa hai ki Popcorn ko garm tave par rakhne par wo uchhalte kyun hai?




Nahi pata ..?




Kabhi khud baith kar dekhna ..

Pata chal jayega!!

Teacher Santa se: Explain ‘Dahi’ in English


Milk sleeping in the night,
and savere savere tight!!

Q: What do you call your sister who has every information about almost everything?


Ans: Infosys..!

Height of prank call?

Hello pooja hai…?


To karwa lo… Jai Mata Di !!!!

How do you say “she is calling a cab” in one word?


Think… Its easy

don’t know… ?

Answer is…

Vocabulary (Wo Cab Bula ri)

Ant: What do you call a 100 year old ant ?

Elephant: An ANTique !

Santa: Do You Know English?

Banta: Yes

Santa: Ok! Then Tell What Is The Opposite Of Naag Panchami?

So Simple Yaar..
“Naag Do Not Punch Me”

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